Evaluation Process

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Procedures in Assessing Learning and Mental Health Disorders

Since 2009, Dr. Jill Brickman, Psy.D. has been conducting psychological and diagnostic evaluations. She offers neuropsychological assessments and narrow diagnostic evaluations, depending on the referral questions and needs of the client. Leveraging her skills and expertise, she aims to perform assessments and provide you with recommendations for supports and treatments.

What Does Dr. Brickman Assess?

Dr. Brickman conducts comprehensive evaluations. Though she does not provide therapy or prescribe medications to treat mental conditions and other disorders, some of the services she does provide are as follows:

  • A Thorough Interview To Better Understand Current Concerns, History of the Problem, Developmental History, and Social and Emotional Functioning

  • Behavior Rating Scales Completed by Parents, Teachers, and the Individual

  • A Measure of Intellectual Functioning

  • Measures of Specific Cognitive Skills Such As Language, Visual-Spatial Processing, Motor Skills, Memory, Attention, Impulse-Control, and Problem Solving

  • Measures of Academic Abilities Including Reading, Writing, Math, and Academic Fluency

  • An Assessment of Social and Emotional Capacities

  • Brief, more targeted evaluations are available depending on the nature of the individual’s needs

What Is Included in the Evaluation?

At Dr. Brickman’s practice, evaluations are private pay only. If you have out-of-network insurance benefits, Dr. Brickman can help you determine if any portion of the evaluation will be covered. Comprehensive evaluation includes the following services:

  • Phone Consultation

  • Initial Interview To Better Understand the Current Issues, Gather Background History, and Discuss the Plan for the Evaluation

  • 8-12 Hours of Face-to-Face Testing

  • A Comprehensive Report Including Diagnosis (if applicable) and Recommendations Tailored for You

  • A Feedback Meeting To Review the Results and Recommendations

  • A School Consultation (if applicable)

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Get in Touch Today

If you would like to speak with Dr. Brickman during an initial meeting, kindly reach out to her today. She is more than willing to fulfill any of your specific needs.